Moojin Brothers Moojin Brothers Moojin Brothers
무진형제 무진형제 무진형제

Text: Jung Hyun, Goeun Song, Moojin Brothers
글: 정현, 송고은, 무진형제
Korean, English
150x210mm, 180pages, hard cover
Design: Hangooseong and Kwon Yongchan and Lee Gunjung
ISBN 979-11-87817-00-0

Publisher: Space O’newwall
Supported by Seoul Museum of Art
First Published in October 2016

The Filed of M
M의 장

Text: Youngjoo Lee, Jinsil Lee, Moojin Brothers
글: 이영주, 이진실, 무진형제
Korean, English
150x210mm, 184pages, soft cover

Supported by GyeongGi Cultural Foundation
First Published in January 2015