Moojin Brothers is a media artist group that consists of Mujin Jung, Hyoyoung Jung, and Youngdon Jung. They capture strange and eccentric senses and images from stories of people around them, and highlight the new and unfamiliar aspects in our lives. The reconstruct the lives of ordinary people like laborers, writers and youth in various artistic ways and capture various artistic meanings from them. Also, they develop myths or legends from deep inside our lives, historical exploration of time and space and reinterpretation of classical text into film language.

무진형제는 정무진, 정효영, 정영돈 세 명으로 구성된 미디어 작가그룹이다. 무진형제는 주변 사람들의 이야기로부터 낯설고 기이한 감각과 이미지를 포착해 우리 삶의 새롭고 낯선 지점을 조명하는 작업을 한다. 노동자, 작가, 청년 등 평범한 사람들의 삶을 다양한 미술적 방식으로 재구성해 그로부터 다채로운 예술적 의미를 포착한다. 아울러 우리 삶에 깊이 감춰져 있던 신화나 전설의 이야기들, 시간과 공간에 대한 역사적 탐색, 고전 텍스트의 재해석 등을 영상언어로 발전시켜 나가고 있다.

C.V. Exhibition View Catalogue

Solo Exhibition
2016  ‘Worldling’s Dialogue’, Space O’newwall-E’juheon (SEMA-Emerging Artists), Seoul, Korea

Selected Group Exhibitions or Screenings
2017  ‘Hidden 3rd zone’, One and J. gallery, Seoul, Korea
‘A story collecting house’, Memory Talk House, Sunjam52, Seoul, Korea
‘Something New’, Aram art Museum, Goyang, Korea
‘Stage for Learning’, Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea
‘Dove Audio & Video Festival’, Sewoon Basement, Seoul, Korea
‘Video Portrait’, Total Museum for Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
‘Short Movie Club’, Azgur Memorial Muzeum, Minsk, Belarus
2016  ‘Mistaken Empathy: Delightful Encounter’, Art Space Pool, Seoul, Korea
‘9th CineToro Experimental Film Festival’, Valle del cauca, Colombia
‘18th FESTCURTAS BH’, Minas Gerais, Brazil
‘Slices-On Time’, Villa Romana, Florenz, Italy
‘CINE A LA CALLE International Short Film Festival’, Barranquilla, Colombia
‘European Media Art Festival’, Osnabruck, Germany
2015  ‘Media Project, Archive Review’, Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea
‘Mother, My First Love’, Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju, Korea
‘AR-Towns Art Festival’, A garbage incineration plant, NASN, Seoul, Korea
‘Seoul International New Media Festival 15th’, Seoul, Korea
2014  ‘The Field of M, Report Exhibition’, Non-Bat Art Space, Paju, Korea
‘The Field of M, Art Project’, Kyunggi Culture Foundation, Paju, Korea
‘Parkowanie Art Festival’, A Kuku Sztuka, Gdansk, Poland
2013  ‘BYOB Seoul’, Space O’New Wall, Seoul, Korea
‘Ghost live in our house’, Space Ggul, Seoul, Korea
‘TAK Project, in Europe’, Rossinière-Paris-London-Praha-Wien Round Exhibition
2012  ‘Media Project: The Unbound Archive’, Arko Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Grants, Awards, Artist in Residence
2017 National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts, Kyunggi Culture Foundation, Seoul, Korea 2016  SEMA-Emerging Artists, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2015  Glocal Contest Grand Prize, Seoul International New Media Festival 15th, Seoul, Korea
Arko Art Center Media Archive Selected, Arco Art Center, Seoul, Korea
2014  National Endowment Fund for Culture and the Arts, Kyunggi Culture Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2012  Arko Art Center Media Archive Selected, Arco Art Center, Seoul, Korea

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